Why Drowned City Press?

Dance of Knives was originally published by Tor in 2001. It earned very positive reviews and the hardcover sold well. Tor assured me they wanted a sequel, which I wrote and delivered. Then the trade paperback came out and tanked. It’s hardly a mystery why—the cover price was $23 Cdn for a book that looked and felt cheap. So I was left holding the bag with an unsaleable series. No major publisher will buy a sequel to another publisher’s book.

My experience is very common these days. The market for genre fiction is worse than it’s ever been. Big publishers, obsessed with short term profit, have abandoned their midlists, and new writers must produce first time bestsellers or be dropped. Imprints are folding or shrinking. Small publishers are springing up, but they tend to focus on a narrow niche, and with the economics of scale operating against them, they simply can’t afford to pay more than kibble.

Meanwhile, as everyone knows, the technology is changing rapidly, both for print books and ebooks. So after two deals with small publishers fell through, and in the face of friends constantly asking “when do we see your next book?”, I asked myself, why not create my own imprint? I would have full control over content, cover design, marketing/promotion, and pricing. And frankly, it’s fun.

So—with more than a little help from my friends—I’ve launched Drowned City Press. Welcome. Dance of Knives and Second Childhood are now available from a retailer, direct from me or in ebook format. I’ll have the third book, Old Enemies, ready by the end of 2010.

As a writer, I aim to deliver a vivid and compelling story with characters you’ll remember and details that make you think. Your reviews, questions and feedback are welcome.

With More Than a Little Help from my Friends….

Special thanks to:


Brenna Johnson
Logo and book cover design

Alison Taylor
Website tayloring

Dr. Howard Davidson
my favourite mad scientist


Clint Budd

(seen here emulating the Drowned City Press logo)
for proofreading, support, chauffering and maid service



Heidi. An
awesome bookseller.

Claudia Ferris

photos, publicity and 
book launch assistance


Novak Rogic – cover photos

Patsy Leung – Chinese text translation