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Random Fascination

Writing science fiction means researching all kinds of oddball things from global warming to fads in naming children, and I’ve stumbled onto a bunch of interesting links. Here are a few.

  • Name Graph – The popularity of given names rises and falls over time. Most of us can guess how old someone named Nancy or Madison or Shane or Alfred is likely to be, but this shows the actual distribution from the 1880’s to present day in a very graphic form. It takes a few seconds to load, then you can type in a name and see its popularity over time. This is U.S. data, but it’s still fun.
  • The Land Institute – Why do we tear up our fertile land every year to plant annual crops? Wouldn’t it make more sense to plant perennial grains? And instead of a regimented monoculture, why not look to nature where many species grow together and support each other?
  • Science Daily For breaking news.
  • New Scientist The SF writer’s best friend.