Second Childhood

Rescued from Vancouver’s underground, Simon Lau has been smuggled to a remote cabin in hopes that time, peace, and the beauty of a natural paradise will heal his sanity. And when he makes a most unexpected and delightful new friend, it looks like healing may triumph over old terror and rage.

But Simon is running out of time. Enemies from the Vancouver tongs have arrived in nearby Campbell River aboard the casino ship Empress of Vancouver. And the notorious Dr. Smith, an expert on bioalterations and reprogramming, is hot in pursuit of Simon and the rumoured fortune of his former owner, the blackmailer Choi.

Still worse, the one person Simon trusts—his therapist, Toni—is losing her grip, as working with Simon raises demons from her own bitter past. And Simon is still haunted by the vindictive ghost of Choi, who will not hesitate to destroy everything.

Second Childhood is set on 22nd century Cortes Island, which remains a natural jewel in Cascadia’s inland sea.